СО2 Extracts from aromatic and medicinal raw material





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What are the со2-extracts as them make also what their  importance


     co2 - extracts represent oily or ointment products with a complex chemical compound. They contain (depending on initial raw material) aromatic substances, fat-soluble vitamins, alkaloids, carbohydrates, carbonyl compounds and other,  biologically active substances. 

The existing technology of extraction of essential oils from vegetative raw material is based on their extraction by organic solvents or on distillation by steam.  It supposes significant losses of volatiles fragrant substances and leads to infringement of natural equation of components in structure essential oils and to reduction their quality. Application of the newest technology with help of extraction-liquefied carbon dioxide allows taking from vegetative raw material practically full complex of fragment substances in their natural equation and high concentration.

Use of extraction of essential  oils  as is soft-regime, less labour-consuming and fast technology of processing of medicinal and aromatic vegetative raw material, is a necessary condition of reception of natural ecologically pure essential oils of high quality. Process extraction occurs at sparing modes: the temperature of extraction does not exceed 20-25 C0 and pressure in working area -60-65 bar.   Natural ratio of all components and, hence, biochemical structure and physiological active organic connection are preserved in this extracts.  Use of technology extraction essential oils from plants by carbon dioxide  allows to take from vegetative raw material practically full complex of fragrant substances in their natural balanced and high concentration. (98-99 % at cleanliness of a product of 99,9 %)

Alkaloids, hormones, antibiotics, and vitamins containing in raw material are taken in an extract.  All these compounds participate in a metabolism, in (fermentative) reactions, in functioning sense organs, during reproduction and growth of living organism, and also are used in medicine and a nutrition.

In co2 extracts are absent: solvent or any oils and substances which do not belong to the same plant. In  co2 extracts there are aromatic, smell and other bioactive substances.  Choice co2-extracts are so great and various, that it is possible to prepare from them practically for any mix with in advance set properties.

Use of co2-extracts allows to exclude application of dry aromatic substances and enables to receive a  prepared  product of a homogeneous consistence without impregnations of dry spices. This effect of use co2- extracts instead of dry substances   increases  in some times, expenses for transportation and storage decrease, there is an opportunity to mechanize process of dosing by extracts of ready goods.

co2-extracts  are ecologically pure  sterile. The guaranteed period of storage in tight packing 2 years

co2-extracts are intended for use in perfumery-cosmetic, medical, beer-nonalcoholic, a confectionery, meat, a fishing industry and household chemical goods.

In perfumery-cosmetic industry co2-extracts are used as aromatizer and the biostimulators, received of dry vegetative and medicinal raw material and as well are used in biocreams, lotion, balm, elixirs, bioshampoos, colognes and perfume.

In medicine, application of co2 extracts is defined by presence of some vitamins in extracts remarking the following.

Retinol vitamin А- is used as  anti infections  and prevention of eye diseases.

Ergocalciferol vitamin D  anti rachitic, for strengthening bone tissues.

Tocopherols vitamin E - as anti sterile, rejuvenating tissues.

 It is necessary to pay attention, that many co2-extracts are multipurpose, and can be used for baths, inhalations, rinse of a mouth and a throat, it is efficient to breathe with warmed  up extracts for sanitation and deodorization of respiratory ways, to use in the form.

In the food-processing industry: - reception of extracts of spices, caffeine free tea and coffee, for aromatization

low-grade and nicotine free tobacco. There is an opportunity to receive set of complex extracts from aromatic,

and medicinal vegetative raw material for satisfaction of the most various consumers in the food-processing industry, public catering and medical products of a children's nutrition.